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8/8/2014 10:01 AM

<pdf:Cell style:column-span="7"> all time when i try to use it  



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<?pdfx parser-mode="Strict" parser-log="True" ?>

<pdf:Document id="CodeProjectFeed"

              xmlns:pdf="Scryber.Components, Scryber.Components"

              xmlns:style="Scryber.Styles, Scryber.Styles"

              xmlns:data="Scryber.Data, Scryber.Components"

          auto-bind="true" >



<style:Style applied-type="pdf:Table" applied-class="bordered" >

<style:Border color="maroon" corner-radius="4pt" sides="Bottom Right"/>


<style:Style applied-type="pdf:Cell" applied-class="bordered" >

<style:Border color="aqua" width="1pt" corner-radius="4pt" sides="Top Left"/>

<style:Padding all="4pt"/>

<style:Margins all="4pt"/>

<style:Font size="12pt" bold="true" />



<style:Style applied-class="full-width" >

<style:Position full-width="true"/>



<style:Style applied-class="fixed80" >

<style:Position width="80pt" height="80pt"/>







<pdf:Section id="FirstPage" >



<pdf:Table id="MyTable" style:class="bordered full-sized" >

<pdf:Row id="FirstRow" >

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell A1 content</pdf:Cell>

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered fixed80">Cell B1 content</pdf:Cell>

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell C1 content</pdf:Cell>


<pdf:Row id="FirstRow" >

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered" style:column-span="2" >Cell A2 content</pdf:Cell>

<!-- <pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell B2 content</pdf:Cell>-->

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell C2 content</pdf:Cell>


<pdf:Row id="FirstRow" >

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered" >Cell A3 content</pdf:Cell>

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell B3 content</pdf:Cell>

<pdf:Cell style:class="bordered">Cell C3 content</pdf:Cell>













exeption : An unhandled exception of type 'Scryber.PDFParserException' occurred in Scryber.Generation.dll


Additional information: The parsed type 'Scryber.Components.PDFTableGrid' does not contain a definiton for the attribute with name 'class' [line 35, pos 29]

New Post
8/8/2014 10:27 AM


If you use the full namespace declarations then you should be able to resolve this, and also get any intellisense support. The parser is reflective, and style attributes declared on the  PDFTableGrid (actually PDFVisualComponent) class to be in the full styles namespace, so the parser is not finding the class attribute.


             xmlns:pdf="Scryber.Components, Scryber.Components, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=872cbeb81db952fe"

              xmlns:style="Scryber.Styles, Scryber.Styles, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=872cbeb81db952fe"

              xmlns:data="Scryber.Data, Scryber.Components, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=872cbeb81db952fe"

Let me know if it sorts it.

New Post
8/11/2014 9:57 AM

Ok it help thank you.

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