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12/5/2015 1:07 AM

Hi - 

I submitted an inquiry late last year but I appreciate that it was lacking in detail and thus difficult to answer. Perhaps now that I have returned to this, the issue may be easier to identify. I am not able to view images over a particular size in the Scryber template I have created. The data and URI are pulled using XML and the data, including the image path, return as expected. If the image is <1M, then the image renders. If it is larger, I get the image for "missing image."

I use the syntax: <pdf:Image src="{xpath:po:ProfilePicturePath}" style:margins="4pt" style:position-mode="Inline" style:width="275pt"/> -- this will present the image in the PDF if the image is <1M. If the image is greater, I am unable to get the image to resolve. I can hardcode the URI in the method, I can hardcode it in the pdfx, it doesn't matter. If the image is >1M, then the image does not resolve.

 Did I miss this in the documentation? Or am I perhaps missing some critical config element? I hope I have finally reached a point that there may be an answer, good or bad, although I am hopeful I have just missed something obvious!

Thank you,




I continue to get the error below when trying to retrieve a PNG image from Azure blob storage. I can access the URL directly in the browser, I have tried other https sourced images without issue and I have stored the image locally and the PDF has rendered the image from that location. Are there any limitations as to the length of the URL or are there other tests you might recommend for me to try to figure out the issue. These same images render in my .NET pages with the same URL. Thank you!

An exception of type 'Scryber.PDFLayoutException' occurred in Scryber.Components.dll but was not handled in user code
Additional information: The layout of component 'div 3' failed. The image path could not be resolved, or the image could not be loaded from path ''


HomeHomeScryberScryberIssues and Defe...Issues and Defe...Image Size Limit?Image Size Limit?