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Available Components

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There are a growing number of components available within the Scryber library.

They can be divided into key functional areas, and each are described below

Panel, Div, Para, Pre, Span
These are all containers of other components. They each have specific characteristics, driven from their base styles
Table, Row, Cell
A structured and formal grid layout.
Ordered and Unordered Lists
A structured layout with sequential numbering or bullets.
Labels and inline text
The standard textual content of a document is contained within labels and inline text. This is rendered flowing along lines within the boundaries of its container
Headings, H1 - H6
All the headings and the styles they use when rendering textual content
Numbers and Dates
A way to generate numeric and date values in a pdf file with support for cultural and expicit formatting
A multi-faceted link to internal components or external documents
An explicit image within the document flow (as opposed to a background image applied via styles). Also covers positioning and flow of images, along with dynamic assignment.
PageNumber and PageOf
Display of the current page number, or the page of a specific component

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