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Out of the box Style Items

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The style items collection is just as extensible as the rest of the framework, but there are a number of standard style items along with their value options below.

Background Style Item
Defines the background colors and images along with repeating options for a block component. If the component is inline this has no effect.
Border Style Item
Defines the border around a block component. The class inherits from PDFStrokeStyle but defines 2 new properties for the corner radius and sides enumeration.
Columns Style Item
Defines the columnar layout of a block. Has no impact on inline elements or non container elements.
Fill Style Item
Defines all the color and image fill options for a shape, text or other component.
Font Style Item
Defines the characteristics of the current font used for rendering and measuring text. As this style item is inherited all inner text components will use the font and style specified unless they have their own values.
List Style Item
Lists are sequential groups of items arranged vertically on the page. The styling options define the characteristics, appearance and numbering of lists and items in the list. 
Margins Style Item
Specifies the margins around a block components. If there is an explicit size to the block, then the margins increase the overall size.
Outline Style Item
Defines all the style options for the document outline tree. Not all PDF Readers support the color and font options, but they are there for completeness.
Overflow Style Item
Defines the options for how a page or component overflows. By default components do not overflow. The overflow style allows the adjustment of how content is handled when the boundaries of its container are hit
Overlay-Grid Style Item
The overlay grid is a useful positioning and layout aid, but is generally not required for final presentation.
Padding Style Item
Specifies the padding within a block components. If there is an explicit size to the block, then the padding will reduce the available content size.
Page Style Item
The page style defines the options for the layout and numbering of a document page. This also applies to section pages, and all pages within a section must have the same layout.
Position Style Item
The position style item defines how components should be laid-out on pages. Most components support all the attributes within this item.
Scryber Badge Style Item
The badge style allows unregistered users to adjust the appearance of the badge that is generated on a page.
Stroke Style Item
The stroke defines the path appearance around both textual and graphic components.
Table Style Item
The style options for the layout of a table and it cells
Text Style Item
The text style defines how text characters should be positioned. The values are specific to text.

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