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Release Change Notes


A quick overview of the features released in versions of scryber


  • Includes a complete implementation of paths and shapes
    • Rectangles
    • Triangles
    • Lines
    • Polygons and polygrams
    • Complex paths - same syntax as SVG
    • Full Style support including lines, dashes, image fills, etc.
    • New Canvas component for positional layout
  • Adds support for declarative items.
    • Inline item values support for decisions in data binding.
    • Support for Xml data and Template item values.
  • A full update of the layout engine to improve positioning
    • Overflow working for complex hierarchies of components
    • Clipping and NeverSplit now working over columns and pages.
    • Margins and padding are preserved across pages.
  • A SQL and Object command for the XMLDataSource
    • XML data can be loaded from any SQL database supported
    • Nested relations and parameters
    • Dynamic loading of custom objects and XML data from within the application code.
  • Trace log output appended to the document
    • Output trace messages and append to the document output.
    • Vary the level of output, and optionally include parser output.
  • And many more enhancements. Documentation is being updated to explain the new features.


    The release is stable but beta and includes predominantly bug fixes and underlying enhancements to the code

    • Fixes an issue with the table headings overflowing onto new pages with empty / spanned cells.
    • Fixes an issue that default value of the use system fonts returns false when not configured (rather than true).
    • Includes a fix for rows that are set as Visible=false still rendering.
    • Includes a fix for repeating table heading heights.
    • Fixed a defect that would embed TTF files even through their use was restricted.
    • Fixed a defect for invalid unicode names in the TTF file causing an array overflow.
    • Added logging to identify the invalid fonts in the trace.
    • PageGroup includes a fix for pages or sections (or nested groups) within a page group that are set as Visible=false still rendering
    • Fixed a defect in the PageOf component that threw an exception if it was on not visible (@visible=false).
    • XMLDataSource now supports the use of {item:...} as a binding expression so the data value can be dynamically set from the Items collection in the document.
    • (XMLDataSource must be databound before any references try to use it.)
    • Choose / Otherwise - updated the schema to support any document component type, rather than schema warnings for anything that was not a top level visual component.
    • Image now supports the use of binding expressions onto the img-data attribute, so images can be dynamically assigned from binding expresssions (for Xml binding requires a Base64 encoded bitmap).


    The release is stable but beta and includes predominantly bug fixes and underlying enhancements to the code, but does include text decorations

    • Includes a fix for the Link type that will auto-resolve the action based on file and destination.
    • Includes a fix for row headings that are not in full-width tables..
    • Adds support for Underline, Overline, StrikeThrough in text-decoration..
    • Adds a new pdf:U component for underlining content.
    • No longer keeps requesting to save the file after opening..
    • Added the whitespace-significant to the text style.
    • Fixed a defect in the ANSII fonts that rendered empty widths section..
    • Fixed a defect in the Link to navigate to the bounding box of an item..
    • Fixed a defect in the Link schema for remote destinations - ExternalDestination.
    • Updated the base layout engine to resolve a number of issues with overflowing content.
    • Fixed an issue with Standard fonts and the variant styles.
    • Added the pooled stream writer to reduce memory requirements.
    • Added the data:style-identifier so unique styles are not required to be built for each component when binding large data sets..


    The release has some significant fixes and updates including layout and text fixes.

    • Added support for Lists - Numbers, Bullets, Definitions etc. Fully styled
      • Numbering Groups to continue across list boundaries.
      • Roman, Alpha, Upper and Lower styles.
      • Or None.
    • Page Numbering with grouping Groups of pages
      • Style based
      • Fallback numbering continuation outside of groups
      • Improved support for XML Data sources Multiple namespace prefix support
      • Dynamic assignment and binding
    • Item and Query String binding Bind to sources in the Documents Item Collection - {item: ...}
      • Full path reflection including indexes and key values.
      • Bind to values on the query string by name. - {qs: ....}
    • Headings are now fully qualified block components. They can contain other components as well as text
      • They support backgrounds and patterns
      • They support borders and sides.
    • Other improvements to output
      • Smaller size files with name name dictionaries and reducing the number of ExtGS.
      • Not found Substitute fonts will not be repeatably stored in the file.
      • Long words break over the first line correctly.


    The 0.8.7 release is stable but in beta. Includes new List (Ol, Ul) top level components for creating lists - fully styled and bindable Also fixes for multiple namespace xml data sources

    For more information and historical change sets -

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